What We Do

We connect people. Soapbox is a cloud-based collaboration tool that represents a new way for promotional product professionals to connect on a personal level. Unlike webinars or virtual trade shows, Soapbox is designed for private, one-on-one, deep-dive, ideation sessions focused specifically on a salesperson’s customers. This unique conversational format not only enhances our user’s industry networks, but also uncovers new revenue-generating opportunities.

Why We Do It

The promotional products industry is people-driven. We believe in the power of human connections and their ability to transform businesses. Recognizing this core belief, we identified the need for a sales communication model designed specifically for an evolved business landscape marked by changes in travel, trade shows, and remote work. Our goal is to provide a turn-key solution that meets the challenges of the current marketplace.

How We Do It

Soapbox is a proprietary virtual communication platform tailored specifically for the promotional products industry. In our password-protected environment, we organize and facilitate private online meetings between suppliers and our curated roster of top-producing distributor salespeople. The clean interface of our platform is user-friendly, efficient, and designed to foster meaningful connections that result in increased sales, enhanced brand visibility, and mutual success.

What We Value

We value details, and so we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We value efficiency, and one of our most important goals is to make sure each interaction on our platform is set up to be productive. We value building a community of like-minded professionals built on trust, fostering transparent and open communication, and delivering results. We value the relationships we forge, understanding that strong partnerships are the foundation of success in the promotional products industry. We value our participants’ opinions, and so we consistently elicit feedback, which is utilized to improve the Soapbox experience for everyone. We value innovation, and so we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technology, constantly looking for new ways to meet the changing needs of our clients and help foster their continued growth.

Soapbox Checks all the Boxes


Meetings are set for the third Wednesday of the month. Click here to add Soapbox dates to your calendar.


We set the schedules, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about that.


Distributors have four consecutive 20-minute meetings, once per month. Suppliers have a full day of twelve 20-minute meetings. There is a one-hour break in the middle.


All activity on the Soapbox platform occurs in a password-protected environment.


We provide all of our participants 30 days’ notice of their schedule and start time.


Participants on both sides of the aisle create in-depth profiles on the platform, so each conversation is based around detailed and individualized information.


Our format and monthly timeline allow for the sharing of ideas, sampling, and the creation of collateral materials specific to our distributor participants’ customers.


Because we are a fraction of the cost of other promo industry communication tools, Soapbox consistently delivers market-best ROI for our suppliers The platform is a 100% free service for our distributor participants.

Soapbox $1 Pledge

Soapbox makes a $1 charitable contribution for every meeting we host on our platform. We are committed to making a difference where we can. Each year we choose a deserving organization to support and then we stand on our soapbox and encourage all of our participants and friends to join us in our effort to make the world a better place.

The Soapbox Team

Dan Pigott

Soapbox co-founder, Dan Pigott, CAS brings industry-specific, executive-level, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to this enterprise. Dan has worked with over 70 suppliers, across virtually all product categories, since he began in the promo industry in 1988.

Brett Schaffer

Soapbox co-founder, Brett Schaffer, MAS, brings industry-specific management, sales, operational, and technical experience to Soapbox, having worked for various suppliers ranging from family-run businesses to Top 40 companies throughout his 25-year promo career.